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GE AC4400CW's
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Kato BNSF GE AC4400
Illustrations, technical information courtesy of Katousa.com

Prototype Information:
In 1994, GE delivered the first AC4400CW locomotive, their answer to EMD's successful SD70MAC. Nearly 10 years later, the AC4400CW has become one of the most successful locomotives in the history of North American railroading. The AC4400CW is operated by railroads from East to West and Canada to Mexico.
Union Pacific's large fleet of AC4400CW locomotives, with hundreds of locomotives on the roster, is full of variation. Some of UP's locomotives have come through mergers with Southern Pacific and Chicago & North Western.

Model Features :
The Kato AC4400CW will feature Cab, Headlight, Inverter Cabinet, and Number Board details accurate for each prototype roadname. Models will have directional headlights and lighted walkway-mounted ditch lights, as well as lighted Number Boards. The models feature Kato Magnetic Knuckle Couplers, our five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels for smooth operation.
Bright-white™ LED headlight.
DCC Friendly mechanism for easy drop-in of a DCC decoder.

DCC Conversion for Kato N Scale Locos

Train Control Systems K1D4 Decoder
K1D4 Decoder in stock!
Kato SD40, Kato SD40-2, SD70MAC, Kato SD70/75M, Kato C44-9W, Kato AC4400,
Athearn F45 and More.
4 Function Decoder with built onboard resistors for LED's and 1.5v .
2 Onboard superbright, golden white LED's.
1 Amp continuous motor drive, 2 Amp peak

GE AC4400CW w/High Numberboards

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BNSF GE AC4400CW, rd #5622
ITEM # KA-1767111 -

List: $105.00

BNSF GE AC4400CW, rd #5615
ITEM # KA-1767112 -

List: $105.00

Union Pacific GE AC4400CW, rd #5727
ITEM # KA-1767005 -

List: $105.00

Union Pacific GE AC4400CW, rd #5780
ITEM # KA-1767007 - Building America -

List: $110

Undecorated GE AC4400CW
ITEM # KA-1767000 -

List: $105.00

GE AC4400CW w/Low Numberboards 
C&NW GE AC4400CW, rd #8835
ITEM # KA-1767032 - Yellow/Green - Lightning Stripe

List: $110

CP Rail 'Flags' GE AC4400CW, rd #9502
ITEM # KA-1767211 - Twin Flags Scheme

List: $105.00

CP Rail 'Flags' GE AC4400CW, rd #9510
ITEM # KA-1767211A - Twin Flags Scheme

List: $105.00

Kato Canadian Pacific Golden Beaver GE AC4400CW
CP Golden Beaver GE AC4400CW, rd #8541
ITEM # KA-1767216 -

LIST: $110

CSX Bright Future GE AC4400CW, rd #37
ITEM # KA-1767042 - Bright Future Scheme

List: $105.00

Undecorated GE AC4400CW, Low # Boards
ITEM # KA-1767030 -

List: $105.00

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